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At last! Nyctalus lasiopterus in the Bükk Mountains after 10 years of absence!

The last data of Greater Noctule from the Bükk Mountains dated to August 1997.
Despite of very intensive sampling efforts at the known locality and at other points of the mountains not any specimens of this rare species were observed since then.
In this summer we sampled at many suitable localities in the Bükk Mountains in order to obtain new data (in regard to the “Bat of the Year” programme). On the 29 of July we mist-netted at a small pond on the Bükk Plato. After sunset we saw an extremely big bat which came to the pond to drink. After few minutes another “giant” arrived, this specimen flew into the net after drinking. It was a female Greater Noctule. The bat was radiotagged in order to locate the inhabited forest part, which is important to conserve the site. Unfortunately the bat was not located after the release, and we could not capture other individuals. We will try next year!

The mist-netted specimen (Nyctalus lasiopterus)The mist-netted specimen (Nyctalus lasiopterus)