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The Bat of the Year 2007: Nyctalus lasiopterus

Greater Noctule (Nyctalus lasiopterus)
The Greater Noctule is the largest bat species in Europe. The wingspan can reach 46 cm, and the weight can exceed 70 g. The Greater Noctule is a typical forest-dweller bat, except for a few cases it roosts in tree hollows year-round.

The Greater Noctule is one of the rarest bat species in Hungary. This strictly protected species was observed at 9 localities, and only one nursing population is known. One possible reason of its rareness is the decline of the extension of old forests with natural structure.

We will search for this rare species more often in 2007. We hope that new colonies will be discovered and those forest parts will be saved from logging.

The entrance of a hollow occupied by Greater NoctulesThe entrance of a hollow occupied by Greater Noctules